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Shipping policy

How long does it take from me placing an order to receive my panels?

For UK deliveries normally within 3-5 days, excluding weekends and bank holidays. International deliveries normally take 7-10 days.

Can I rearrange delivery times/dates?

Upto your order being dispatched it may be possible to rearrange delivery times. This can be done by contacting our customer services team via our email And they will do their best to resolve any issues you have.

How much is shipping?

We are pleased to offer free shipping within the UK for all orders over £120. Orders under £120 will incur a shipping charge of £30. Please contact us if you require shipping outside of the UK. Our shipping team will handle your delivery with the utmost care to ensure that your items arrive in the best possible condition.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to the following postcodes:


AL*, B1*, B2*, B3*, B4*, B5*, B6*, B7*, B8*, B9*, BA*, BB*, BD*, BH*, BL*, BN*, BR*, BS*, CA*, CB*, CF*, CH*, CM*, CO*, CR*, CT*, CV*, CW*, DA*, DD*, DE*, DG*, DH*, DL*, DN*, DT*, DY*, E1*, E2*, E3*, E4*, E5*, E6*, E7*, E8*, E9*, EC*, EH*, EN*, EX*, FY*, FY*, G1*, G1*, G2*, G3*, G4*, G5*, G6*, G7*, G8*, G9*, GL*, GU*, HA*, HD*, HG*, HP*, HR*, HU*, HX*, IG*, IP*, KA*, KT*, KY*, L1*, L2*, L3*, L4*, L5*, L6*, L7*, L8*, L9*, LA*, LD*, LE*, LL*, LN*, LS*, LU*, M1*, M2*, M3*, M4*, M5*, M6*, M7*, M8*, M9*, ME*, MK*, ML*, N1*, N2*, N3*, N4*, N5*, N6*, N7*, N8*, N9*, NE*, NG*, NN*, NP*, NR*, NW*, OL*, OX*, PA1*, PA2 1*, PA2 2*, PA2 3*, PA2 4*, PA2 5*, PA2 6*, PA2 7*, PA2 8*, PA2 9*, PA3 1*, PA3 2*, PA3 3*, PA3 4*, PA3 5*, PA3 6*, PA3 7*, PA3 8*, PA3 9*, PA4 1*, PA4 2*, PA4 3*, PA4 4*, PA4 5*, PA4 6*, PA4 7*, PA4 8*, PA4 9*, PA5 1*, PA5 2*, PA5 3*, PA5 4*, PA5 5*, PA5 6*, PA5 7*, PA5 8*, PA5 9*, PA6 1*, PA6 2*, PA6 3*, PA6 4*, PA6 5*, PA6 6*, PA6 7*, PA6 8*, PA6 9*, PA7 1*, PA7 2*, PA7 3*, PA7 4*, PA7 5*, PA7 6*, PA7 7*, PA7 8*, PA7 9*, PA8 1*, PA8 2*, PA8 3*, PA8 4*, PA8 5*, PA8 6*, PA8 7*, PA8 8*, PA8 9*, PA9 1*, PA9 2*, PA9 3*, PA9 4*, PA9 5*, PA9 6*, PA9 7*, PA9 8*, PA9 9*, PE*, PL*, PO*, PR*, RG*, RH*, RM*, S1*, S2*, S3*, S4*, S5*, S6*, S7*, S8*, S9*, SA*, SE*, SG*, SK*, SL*, SM*, SN*, SO*, SP*, SR*, SS*, ST*, SW*, SY*, TA*, TD*, TF*, TN*, TQ*, TR*, TS*, TW*, UB*, W1*, W2*, W3*, W4*, W5*, W6*, W7*, W8*, W9*, WA*, WC*, WD*, WF*, WN*, WR*, WS*, WV*, YO*

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